Cornelia Geppert

CEO and Creative Director

Cornelia Geppert is the creative head of Jo-Mei Games and responsible for all artistic aspects of the production. In addition she is in charge of the company development and PR.

As a young talent she started working as an illustrator and character designer for the renown comic series „Mosaik“ (60,000 issues per month) when she was 17 at the biggest german comic publisher „Steinchen für Steinchen Verlag“. In 2001 she was hired by the french cartoon production house „Marathon“ for it’s cartoon „Misson Odyssey“ as Character Designer and Character Sheets creator.

Based on her talent she completed the first given out scholarship for game design at the Games Academy Berlin and joined full-time the production of „Paraworld“ by „Spieleentwicklungskombinat GmbH“. She was working as a concept, character and level artist in this global published production. There she met Boris Munser with whom she started to work freelance after the production and created together successful game concepts for valuable customers like Ubisoft, BMW, Gazprom and Telekom.

In course of that they founded together Jo-Mei Games in November 2009.


Boris Munser

CEO and Technical Director

Boris Munser is responsible of Jo-Mei’s technology development and also takes care about graphic and game design.

In 1990 he earned his design diploma of visual communication at the University of Arts Berlin. For 10 years he was working as a freelancing print, web and media designer for several media agencies and publishers. 2001 He participated one of the most renown contests of the games industry – The „QuakeCon Model Contest“ – which was powered by legendary „id software“. He won the contest with his submission „kfengine“ which was quoted by Kenneth Scott, Lead Artist from id software: „This is by far the most ambitious use of the Q3 shader language ever. It makes my head hurt to think about it. Bravo!

Thanks to this amazing award the development studio „Spieleentwicklungskombinat GmbH“ offered him a position as Designer for it’s new title „Paraworld“. He accompanied the whole production until the brand went life, was responsible for programming and graphics and contributed a major part of the game’s visual presentation.

After „Paraworld“ Boris and Cornelia Geppert started to freelance and founded Jo-Mei Games together.

Robert Lubawski

Lead Programmer

Developing games and game technology for the PC and a few consoles has been Rob’s hobby since the mid-’90s. In 2008 he became a full-time professional game programmer and since 2010 he is a part of Jo-Mei.

Rob’s other active interests include technology, electronics, languages, music and the arts in general.



Dirk Kultus

Programmer and Game Designer

Since the beginning of time Dirk studied programming and game design mostly through learning by doing.

Even now he spends most of the time in front of the box to bring pixels to life. When he doesn’t dig around in code and game mechanics he spends his time with cartoons, pen&paper-RPGs, idle&indie games, all the other geeky stuff and #TotallyNotSelfWritten.



Janina Gerards

Lead Artist

Janina is supporting the team as a 3D/ 2D artist, focused on character modeling and texturing.

Starting out as a trainee at Ascaron’s Studio 2 she’s been working in the game industry for four years now. Taking a break from picking at polygons and pixels she likes comic books, open world- and indie games as well as traditional sculpting.



Miriam Jud

Lead Animator

After graduating from Games Academy Berlin, Miriam joined the team with her skills in 3D Animation, Rigging and 3D Art. In her leisure time she likes to play all kinds of videogames and does various sports such like Kung Fu – But don’t worry, as long as there is enough chocolate for her to eat, she’s no harm.




Patrick Lehrmann


When reaching his 30’s Patrick worked on several major German game-productions doing textures and interfaces before he moved on to teach students to do their own games. Now he is our producer but still gives classes to drag young talents into development. If he is not in Berlin, he is most likely in Tokyo helping build music festivals in the mountains from scratch and enjoying the contrast of nature and megacities. Has a soft spot for 70’s Italian horror movies.



Saskia Wolf

Storyboarder / Animator

Storyboarding, Animating and Visual Storytelling are Saskia’s strengths when it comes to support the team. Starting as a student at the Filmschool@ Games Academy she moved back to Berlin after working for Ingenious Knowledge. She used to train police dogs when she wasn’t travelling through alternate worlds and universes via Pen&Paper and textbased Role Play. Take an advice: Don’t ask something about her dogs. She won’t stop talking about them.



Guy Jackson


Guy is our resident composer and sound designer. Based in North London, Guy Jackson is specialized in highly crafted, layered musical compositions, amalgamating acoustic and electronic sounds and encompassing both classical and ambient genres. His work is perfectly suited to the silver screen and games, enhancing and supporting the mood and tone of a broad variety of visual content.



jan3-300x300Jan-Helme Henke


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deivid2-300x300Deivid Dragomirovic


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robert2-300x300Robert Eckert


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niklas2-300x300Niklas Bellok

Freelance Concept Artist

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