Double Fine

Got an invitation from DOUBLE FINE to present SEA OF SOLITUDE at their office infront of the whole staff, aahrghl! It was the best thing ever!!

So many awesome people already know SoS here at GDC, AAHHHhhh, the time in SF was mindblowing!

image image image


Crunch time!

There is nothing better than having a beer together after making a deadline just in time after days of crunch-time!

Our (still secret) MEDIENBOARD FUNDED Game project makes progress, yay! Thanx to (f.l.t.r.) Janina, Hans and Dirk for not going insane during the last days of SUPER CRUNCH!



„Who let the Pets out?“ App for IOS and Android released!

Hello fellow Pet and Puzzle Lovers! Finally our very first little App has been released! „Who let the Pets out ?“ is now available for IOS and ANDROID, DOUBLE YAY!
You want to help little needy cuty fluffy Animals? THAN please test our Game if you like! The Pets will reward you with cute Dances, well sometimes more awkward than anything else, BUT, it is the will that counts, don`t you think?

Greetings from the whole Jo-Mei Team! Below are the Links for both Stores.