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Sea of Solitude

„When humans get too lonely, they turn into monsters.“




This adventure is about Kay, who has turned into a black monster and her journey to find out what happened to her.


On her search to change, she soon finds out that her biggest enemies are not the huge monsters that she meets on her way through the Sea of Solitude, but something way more dangerous.


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Rock Paper Shotgun: „What a thing to look at…“

EuroGamer: „Sea of Solitude brings heart-rending loneliness…“


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Monkey Bay

When pirates and monkeys forge alliances the sea gets wild!




Monkey Bay is a crazy pirate world, filled with dorky privateers, monkeys, zombie chickens and many moore for browser and mobile devices.


In cooperation with Upjers we developed this exciting Island Defense Game, where you can build your pirate base to secure loot and hire a crew to conquer other bases. You can can also join realtime PvP battles with or against other players to raid additional treasures.


As a real pirate you fight for gold, diamonds and tasty chicken thighs and treasure them in your base. Do you have the power to hoard up a treasure and withstand the attacks of other pirates?


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Play it for free: Monkey Bay






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Brave little Beasties


Catch, grow, train and fight with your beasties and friends.




In Brave Little Beasties you gonna catch little monsters which you spot at different locations but some may not be easy to catch like frogs and rabbits.

Good care is relevant to breed special beasties. This way you are able to merge skills from different types and form new powers! If you are not careful your little beasties may get sick and change their fur color if they are not feeling well.

But don’t expect it’s just all about raising and helping out the little beasties. There are also a lot of adventurous quests which allow you to explore this fun and colorful world. You also get to take part in battles that involve your adult beasts.

There is a wide variety of monsters like moles, bates, magma cats, as well as frogs and other cool little beasts. As they run around and become your friends you help them grow and then they help you in battles to protect the city and your neighbors.


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Play it for free: Brave Little Beasties














A browserbased Dungeon Crawler with turnbased fighting




KOYOTL was Jo-Mei’s first free browserbased RPG which was published by Upjers in 2012.


As a warrior of six available races you are able to explore the world of KOYOTL. The game offers an adventure with plenty of battles and customisation available. Your goal is to strengthen the avatar and stop the evil KOYOTL from taking control over the elements that hold the world together. If he’s able to gain control of all the elements he’ll be an unstable evil force.

Combat in KOYOTL is turn based and takes place in a different game view. You are able to select between your basic attack or one of the skills you’ve unlocked which cost mana. Battles can contain multiple enemies but also extra allies. PvP combat is also available through the arena for players that want to test their character against other players.


Jo-Mei developed a Flash-technology for KOYOTL which was capable to display complex visual effects in every browser.


Watch the official Trailer

Play it for free: KOYOTL




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